My name's Bastian, but I go by Yapi on the W's. I'm a NEET, or an "artist" if you will. I like to uhh, draw and occasionally I like coding dinky little websites such as this one, even if I'm not very good at it. I can really only do HTML, CSS and bits of JS, so yeah, that's...

I'm currently halfway to being 50 years old, so that's a pill hard to swallow, I guess. I live in Denmark, so English is my second language, but I do like to think I'm pretty good at it even so... Even if I'll never ever submit to making the G in gnome silent. I refuse. Stupid idiot Americans. Fools. Buffoons! #ThinkOutsideTheBox

Aside from being a rebel 4 lyfe and speaking English in perpetual Funnie Mode, I'm extremely tired half the time, and extremely wired the rest. I don't know, there's just no in-between.

Peace out! ^-^