What's up Logang!!! Today we're gonna be morons as per usual, so stay tuned for tomfoolery. Teehee! XD

June 15, 2021: One eternity later. I return. LMAO. Anyway I added some stuff to the gallery tab. Hope you liek! :}
February 20, 2020: I think I figured out how to position the enter sign on the index page o(-< ... LOL hell yea, that took way too long.
February 19, 2020: Made a first draft for the "about" page! I still need to work on the others... By the way, the "???" page will just be a place with whatever other random shit I can't fit elsewhere. Yeya!
February 18, 2020: I'm finally getting around to doing more with this place. On March 1, my dad and I are going to Thailand, so I hope to be able to make a mini blog by then that I can update.